BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was Proven Wrong By BLINKs, And She Couldn’t Be Happier

Something about the audience size worried her.

Fans got to see BLACKPINK preparing for the release of The Album in the fifteenth episode of 24/365 with BLACKPINK.

The girls brought viewers to their waiting room before their online broadcast and during the rest of their D-Day schedules. It was in the early morning shoot where Jennie’s worries were brought to light.

Talking to Lisa about how early the online broadcast was compared to their previous shows, they shared their concerns with one another.

I think it’s our first time to do a live show this early. My mom isn’t even up yet.

— Lisa

Jennie revealed what was stressing her right then and there: that they would be speaking to an empty audience.

What happens if our fans don’t watch the show?

— Jennie

Showing how nervous she felt, she asked Jisoo the same question: “I wonder if our fans would watch us at 10AM? BLINKs, wake up!”

The main rapper wasn’t the only one feeling jittery. The other members were also seen sitting tensely in the set right before the broadcast began.

A few minutes into the live show, however, and it was proven that they really had nothing to worry about. As the comments kept pouring in, they realized it was a resounding success!

The comeback video ended up having almost five million views and around 350 million hearts. Needless to say, Jennie, her members, and BLINKs were happy with the outcome.

If you want to see more behind-the-scenes footage of BLACKPINK during the day of their comeback, check out the full video below.


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