YG Entertainment’s Male Idols Had The Most Relatable Reaction To Being On The Same Variety Show As BLACKPINK’s Jennie

She IS Jennie Kim, after all.

The Game Caterers 2 held their seventh episode in YG Entertainment. They invited representatives of SECHSKIES, WINNER, iKON, TREASURE, AKMU, and BLACKPINK to play games as a “YG Family.”

The first one to make an appearance was AKMU’s Chanhyuk followed by WINNER’s Mino, TREASURE’s Hyunsuk and Jihoon, and iKON’s Jay and SONG.

After them, a very special guest entered the room. It was obvious from Mino’s clap alone that it was a VIP even among top idols.

It was none other than BLACKPINK’s Jennie!

Everyone stood up just for her when she entered the room, something that they didn’t do beforehand!

She gave everyone a polite bow in return…

…and was directed to sit in the very middle of the room. The show captioned the scene aptly: “Her current status is high.”

Jennie isn’t just the main rapper of BLACKPINK, she’s also the singer of the highly-successful song “SOLO,” the global brand ambassador of CHANEL, one of the most followed singers on Instagram, and much more. Needless to say, her influence was felt to the point that even fellow YG Entertainment artists were starstruck.

In fact, SECHSKIES Jiwon—one of the original top K-Pop idols—felt like he was meeting a “celebrity among celebrities” when seeing Jennie. He said, “I’m meeting Jennie for the first time today,” and had an impromptu handshake event with her alongside iKON’s SONG.

Jennie’s a top star for sure!

Check out the full video below to view more YG Family interactions.

Source: YouTube