BLINKs Reveal How BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reportedly Reacted To Lisa Sexy “Crazy Horse” Show

“Actually, this is very accurate…”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has shocked fans after she played three historical shows in Paris at the legendary Crazy Horse Cabaret venue.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While it seemingly received backlash from some Korean netizens, international fans who attended the show couldn’t stop praising Lisa’s strong and empowering performances at the historic venue. Along with fans from across the world, celebrities attended and of course, the BLACKPINK members made sure to show support.

Jisoo and Rosé attended one of the first shows, even having a cute photo taken with Lisa and Rosalia.

Lisa, Jisoo, Rose, and Rosalia after the show

Jennie made sure to attend the final night of the show, even rushing straight from the airport and ensuring she got there before Lisa started performing.

All of the shows were extremely strict with fans, with many sharing that they had to give their phones in to ensure no spoilers were given. It meant that BLINKs worldwide had to depend on word-of-mouth stories from the show, and of course, everyone wanted to know the reactions of the members.

Following the final show, it wasn’t surprising that BLINKs attending made sure to share Jennie’s reactions to Lisa’s show, and they were truly legendary. Many fans shared how Jennie was extremely excited to watch Lisa and was being a true BLINK throughout.

One particular fan was truly a gift to BLINKs as they shared so many details about the show, particularly Jennie’s reactions to seeing Lisa on the stage.

Considering what other fans had said, it wasn’t surprising that OP shared that Jennie was just as “shook” and “flustered” by Lisa’s sexy performance.

When another BLINK shared what they expected Jennie’s reaction to be through an iconic BLACKPINK meme, the same OP who had shared stories from the show in so much detail for other fans confirmed just how accurate it was.

It’s not surprising that all the BLACKPINK members made sure to watch Lisa’s show, and the fact Jennie seemed as excited and shocked as BLINKs just makes fans want to see the show even more.

You can read more reviews from fans who attended the shows below.

Crazy Horse Cabaret Attendees Recount BLACKPINK Lisa’s Sexy Debut Performance

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