This Is How Jennie Responded When a Fan Asked Her to Marry Him

Fans are off to Tiffany’s as we speak.

In recent days, online communities have been talking about Jennie‘s response to a proposal she received on stage.

In the attached clip is Jennie resting and drinking water on top of the stage during a concert.

In the middle of her short break, Jennie heard a fan’s wailing to which she smiled in response.

When a fan asked her to marry him, she put her water bottle down, pointed at her ring finger, and then gestured at him to hand it over.

This witty and lovable response was captured on camera, and the footage has been circulating in online communities.

In response to this footage, some fans have been admiring her witty charms and other fans have been getting their hopes up and considering a ring purchase:

“That’s what Jennie did when a fan asked her to marry him… She must be a genius… I guess I’ll have to use all of my savings and buy a ring. What else can I do…?”

“Jennie’s so cute… The way she greets fans while drinking water is so charming.”

“This is crazy. I’ll have a ring ready, Jennie. Marry me…”

Jennie’s waiting for a ring. Who’s ready to drop some big bucks at Tiffany’s?

Source: Insight