BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals She’s Eager To Show Fresh Sides Of Herself

She’s gorgeous and candid in this interview.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie recently sat down for an interview and photo shoot with High Cut.

An idol, model, and brand ambassador, she’s always on the go.

When asked about the driving force behind this busy schedule, she talked about her unending passion.

This may sound greedy, but there’s so much that I still want to do and show. No matter what type of promotion I have, I want to continue to show fresh, new sides of myself. I’ve been busy with this kind of passion.

– Jennie

Jennie also touched upon the rapid growth of BLACKPINK and how she treasures the moments rather than feeling scared.

From the time we debuted to now, time has gone by so fast. I still can’t believe the new things that are happening. It feels surreal. It’s frightening how quickly things are moving, however, there are more joyful experiences and moments, so I’m trying to enjoy the present. I’m going to work harder so that these happy times can extend.

– Jennie

Explaining what her old self would say if she were to see Jennie now, it would be to enjoy the moment.

If the Jennie of the past were to say something to me, she would say, ‘You’re doing what you love, so have fun and do your best.

– Jennie

Source: Naver