BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Her True Feelings About Her Skills As A Performer

She has charisma like no other.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has graced the cover of Elle Korea‘s August cover and she’s, of course, incredibly stunning!

Along with the gorgeous cover, Jennie also participated in an accompanying interview. During her interview, Jennie’s incredible performance skills were mentioned and she revealed her true feelings towards them.

As many know, whenever Jennie stands on stage, she completely dominates! One quality that seems to capture BLINKs attention is Jennie’s enticing gaze and great facial expressions!


According to Jennie, her powerful gaze and facial expressions are both things that make her happy about her performances.

Whenever I look at my gaze and facial expressions on stage in videos, after time passes, I sometimes find it new and strange. It reminds me about the moments when we communicated with fans watching the performances and it makes me happy.

— Jennie

BLINKs can all agree that Jennie definitely has a powerful charisma on stage! From her flawless singing and rapping to her sharp gaze and perfect expressions, Jennie is an amazing performer!

Source: Elle Korea