Producer Ryan Tedder Exposes Why BLACKPINK’s Comeback Will Be “Cool As Hell”

He directly worked with two of the members.

Fans couldn’t be more excited for BLACKPINK to make their long-awaited comeback, which is confirmed for August. The group is also preparing for a world tour and a virtual concert through PUBG MOBILE.

BLACKPINK’s most recent comeback was with their first full-length album, THE ALBUM, in 2020.

Since the group has not made a comeback in almost two years, fans look forward to seeing what sorts of music and performances BLACKPINK will surprise them with. And, thanks to OneRepublic‘s Ryan Tedder, fans have new information about BLACKPINK’s comeback.

Ryan Tedder

In the past, fans have suspected that Ryan Tedder may have been involved in helping to produce music for BLACKPINK, given both the singer’s love of the group…

I like BLACKPINK a lot. I’m a huge fan of BLACKPINK. I’m actually going to be working with BLACKPINK. That’s a fact.

-Ryan Tedder

And his possible teasing of “Lack plink” (which could indirectly reference BLACKPINK) on new music.

And now, in a recent interview at Good Morning America‘s 2022 Summer Concert series, Ryan Tedder confirmed that he has worked on music with BLACKPINK, specifically with Jennie and Rosé in Los Angeles.

All I can confirm is that I have worked on BLACKPINK material. I did write with the girls themselves. I did, I think, one of the only sessions they’ve done outside of Korea we did in [Los Angeles]. With Jennie, Rosé, a handful of them.

-Ryan Tedder

Rosé and Jennie

He also took the opportunity to confirm what fans already know, that the members are “so sweet” and “so talented.”

They’re phenomenal, they’re so sweet, they’re so talented. I’m a huge BLACKPINK fan. Their posters are all over my wall. My wife thinks it’s weird.

-Ryan Tedder

BLACKPINK | @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

Although Ryan Tedder couldn’t spill any more secrets, fans can rest assured knowing that the talented producer clearly respects BLACKPINK as artists. Ryan Tedder ensured that BLACKPINK kept “their sound,” which was possible because he let the members have creative freedom while just giving them support.

I genuinely love BLACKPINK and so I can’t tell you what’s coming out. I think one or two of my songs have made the album from what I’ve been told. And the stuff that I did with them I can just say is very true to their sound. They wrote it so it was very much me just supporting them, their ideas.

-Ryan Tedder

| @blackpinkofficial/Instagram

According to Ryan Tedder, fans can definitely look forward to the comeback.

It’s cool as hell.

-Ryan Tedder

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