BLACKPINK’s Jennie Sends Netizens Into Meltdown With Her Flawless Figure In Newest Sexy AF Calvin Klein Fall Photoshoot

Like the collection’s name, Jennie was “Born Iconic!”

Since debuting with BLACKPINK in 2016, member Jennie has always caught the attention of netizens for her talent, personality, and dazzling visuals.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

With so much impact, it isn’t surprising that several brands fought to have Jennie as their ambassador, including fashion company Chanel. Each time Jennie has represented the brand, she has been praised for her style, sophistication, and elegance.

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

| @jennierubyjane/Instagram

One brand that netizens love seeing Jennie represent is Calvin Klein, and in the past, the idol has shocked netizens with her sexy photoshoots for the brand.

The photos and looks given by the brand to Jennie contrasts hugely with the more conservative society in Korea, yet the idol has always embraced the vibes and emotions needed for the concept.

Jennie for Calvin Klein

More recently, the idol went viral after images were released that eventually meant that Jennie returned to the iconic Calvin Klein billboards in New York and LA.

Jennie’s teasers for the billboards | @hypebae/Instagram

| @hypebae/Instagram

Well, it seems like, even after the VMAs and all the BLACKPINK content, Jennie wasn’t satisfied and needed to send BLINKs into meltdown even more.

On August 31 (KST), Calvin Klein shared more images of Jennie’s collaboration with the brand for their fall collection called “Born Iconic.” Aside from the photos previously released, Jennie continued to showcase her proportions and flawless figure in the brand’s iconic bra top and black jeans.

Jennie’s new Calvin Klein pictures | @BLACKPINK4WAYS/Twitter


The idol also seemed to showcase an even sexier side when she was sporting the iconic Calvin Klein underwear with confidence. Whether she was wearing them with other pieces or alone, Jennie truly cemented why she is so iconic.




Even in a black and white shot where Jennie is wearing more casual Calvin Klein wear but still showcasing her amazing figure, the idol looks picture perfect.


Although many saw the shoot and immediately saw the idol’s exposure, even when wrapped up in a more casual look perfect for colder weather, Jennie seemed like an experienced model.


Like any time Jennie has a photoshoot with Calvin Klein, she quickly sent the internet into meltdown with her shots. BLINKs couldn’t get enough of Jennie’s flawless figure and how confident she looked in the images.

Along with being an ambassador for Chanel, Calvin Klein, and her own brand Jentle Garden, Jennie continues to showcase her impact and sends BLINKs into meltdown with her dazzling visuals.

You can read more about Jennie’s worldwide impact with Calvin Klein below.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Goes Viral After Showcasing Her Flawless Visuals And Proportions In Calvin Klein’s Sexy AF Billboards