BLACKPINK’s Jennie Trademarks “Jennie Ruby Jane” — Netizens React To The Protective Business Move

Her trademark news circulated after YG’s update regarding BLACKPINK’s contract negotiations.

BLACKPINK concluded their history-making second world tour, BORN PINK, in September, ending nearly 11 months on the road, during which they visited over 30 cities across the globe.

Following the conclusion of their tour, the members have individually remained active in their own ways. From fashion photo shoots and event appearances to announcements of future plans, it seems the four talented idols are far from slowing down.

(From left:) BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Rosé, Jennie, Lisa | @BLACKPINK/Twitter

With the close of their tour and the celebration of their seventh anniversary came a lingering mystery… the fate of BLACKPINK’s contracts.

BLACKPINK’s contracts with YG Entertainment reportedly ended in August, and BLINKs seem no closer to an official answer about whether the four members will remain with their company.

Hours ago, YG Entertainment only confirmed that the contract negotiations are still ongoing

We are negotiating with the artists regarding their exclusive contracts. The final outcome will be revealed through the document regarding major management issues, related to investments.

— YG Entertainment

| @blackpink/Twitter

After the recent update from YG Entertainment, fans are even more curious about the group’s future activities.

Amidst the buzz, another noteworthy revelation emerged: BLACKPINK’s Jennie filed for a trademark on “Jennie Ruby Jane” with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights in January of this year. The trademark was filed under ten different categories.

Korea Intellectual Property Rights

Filing a trademark can offer numerous benefits for an individual and can act as a protective measure for Jennie’s brand. This includes establishing exclusive rights to the name, maintaining her brand identity, and more.

Filing for a trademark under ten categories indicates Jennie’s intention to safeguard her name across a wide spectrum of business activities.

As fans closely observe the members’ activities for any sign of how their contract negotiations will conclude, netizens are praising Jennie for her foresight in protecting the use of her name and brand, irrespective of the underlying reasons.

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