BLACKPINK Jennie’s Sweet And Playful Treatment Of Lisa’s Mom Warms BLINKs’ Hearts

They’re obviously close ❤️

No one loves the mom of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa more than Lisa herself, but Jennie may be a close second! This was never more obvious than after the group’s recent concert in Seoul.

Lisa and her mom | @rsnxrose/Twitter

The Thai rapper’s family came to congratulate her backstage, and Jennie didn’t miss the opportunity to take a picture with them. She wrapped her arms around the older woman, both smiling brightly.

Once it was time to go home, the three left the building together and headed towards the waiting vans where fan cameras caught their funny interaction. The moment the doors opened, Jennie hurriedly grabbed the mom’s arm and pulled her towards their right.

Lisa saw what was happening but just waved and let them be! That’s when the “SOLO” singer led Lisa’s mom back to her, and they cheerfully waved goodbye to each other.

Fans who saw the clip were touched by how comfortable Jennie and Lisa’s mom are with each other.

They also loved how playful the BLACKPINK member was, suggesting that they share a close relationship.

Finally, they thought Lisa’s reaction was hilarious. They found that the way she let Jennie “take” her mom from her without questioning it was too funny for words. Jennie may as well be another daughter at that point!

In related news, Lisa’s family members weren’t the only ones who supported her backstage. Fellow Thai idols Minnie and Sorn congratulated her after the concert in a very Thai way.

Check out how in the article below.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Congratulated By (G)I-DLE’s Minnie And Former CLC’s Sorn In The Most Thai Way Possible


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