BLACKPINK’s Jennie Tried To “Sell” Rosé And Lisa, And Their Reactions Were The Best

Can you guess how much Lisa costs?

Sometimes the cutest moments between BLACKPINK are the simplest ones. When the members looked around their grocery store set in “Lovesick Girls”, they had fun playing around with the props as if they were kids in a toy store.

BLINKs saw Jennie having the time of her life in episode 14 of 24/365 with BLACKPINK, pushing Lisa around as if she were a giant baby.

It was in this set where Lisa and Rosé were put in mini shopping carts for fun right before the music video shoot.

When Rosé asked Jennie how much their maknae she was carting around cost, she had a ready answer: “She’s free!”

In fact, Lisa was a buy-one take-one deal with the cereal! Instead of being upset, she played around and laughed alongside the main rapper.

Even Rosé wasn’t immune to being “sold” in the store, as she became a deal together with Lisa. Together, they were worth a surprisingly cheap five dollars—an amount the main vocalist chose herself.

There you have it. You can “buy” Rosé and Lisa for just a few dollars…if you can ever find Jennie, their dealer!


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