BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shocks Fans By Performing An Unreleased Song During Their “BORN PINK” Tour, Cementing Her Status As An All-Rounder

Don’t forget about her chemistry with the male dancer!

After what seems like forever, BLACKPINK finally returned to live concerts in front of fans after they completed the first day of their BORN PINK tour in Seoul.

Members of BLACKPINK | @sbsinkigayo/Twitter

Luckily, fans in attendance were sharing videos on social media of the performances. As expected, all of the clips made everyone extremely jealous of their own style, talent, and charisma. After so long away from fans, it was the perfect experience for global BLINKs.

One person who gained attention for a special surprise for fans was member Jennie.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Back in 2021, Jennie released her solo track “SOLO” and captured the hearts of netizens with her catchy track.

Well, it seems as if Jennie has a new song, and it was performed at the Seoul show. The song seems to be called “Dancing In The Moonlight” or “You And Me,” and, as expected, Jennie’s talents truly shined in the song.

The idol’s vocals and visuals truly shined in the song and showcased her sexy side in a beautiful outfit and lyrics that just seemed to suit Jennie so much.

She also proved why she is such a talented rapper, showcasing her attitude and style in the new song.

Not only was Jennie’s singing and rapping off-the-scale, but one moment sent the hearts of BLINKs racing as she showcased her dancing skills.

At one moment during the song, Jennie was up, close, and personal with a male dancer. Even behind a curtain, the chemistry was unreal as Jennie seemed like a true ballerina.

| @chinnieruby/Twitter
| @chinnieruby/Twitter

Even when the curtains weren’t there, Jennie’s chemistry with the male dancer was off the charts.

| @notjnkloops/Twitter 

Toward the end of the show, Jennie then opened up about the unreleased song. Not only did she reveal that she wanted to show another side of her, but added that it must’ve been a shock for fans but adding that she will continue to perform it.

| @BP_On3151/Twitter

When the videos were released, BLINKs couldn’t get over the new song. Not only were netizens shaken by the song but also that Jennie proved she was a true all-rounder by singing, dancing, and rapping.

Some even think Jennie could be giving a sneak peek to an upcoming song she might be releasing in the future.

Whether or not the track will officially be released, fans who are lucky enough to attend the show will get to watch it live.

You can read more about the shows below.

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