Jennie’s Version of TWICE’s “TT” Threw People Off.

“She must have been having fun on the show.”

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie stirred up a good laugh by secretly dancing to TWICE‘s “TT”.

On an episode of the SBS variety, Village Survival, the Eight, the cast were seen looking for the suspect who carried forward 10 million won.

During the intense search, Jennie was loitering outside the house with a smile on her face, which attracted a lot of attention.

Before she entered the room, she suddenly started practicing a key dance move from TWICE’s “TT”.

After closing her mouth in a cute way, she hummed the chorus of “TT” and shook her hips. The innocent look on her face made the viewers laugh.

The viewers of the show perceived this as a hidden signal and picked as the suspect, but Jennie actually had nothing to do with the case.

She was simply expressing her enjoyment and excitement through an adorable rendition of “TT”.

After finding out the truth, viewers responded with comments such as:

  • “Was it because the tension was high?”
  • “Jennie must have been having fun on the show.”

Check out Jennie in action through the clip below:

Source: Insight


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