BLACKPINK’s Jennie Stuns Netizens With Her Flawless Visuals And Unreal Proportions In Latest Instagram Posts

Her visuals are 🔥🔥

Over the past few weeks, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has been treating fans to a whole lot of content during her trip to LA. From attending Halloween parties, chilling with her best friend and Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon, and attending 88rising‘s “Head In The Clouds 2021,” BLINKs have been blessed with true visuals.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

However, it seems as if Jennie has once again caught the attention of fans on Instagram.

On her Instagram story, Jennie recently posted a series of videos and images of herself, and it quickly got a lot of love from netizens online. In the shots, Jennie looks flawless with simple makeup and sparkles on her eyelids.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram 

Although some videos were posted earlier in the week, Jennie recently (November 9 KST) shared some more shots of her in the outfit on her story. In these shots, she looks just as elegant.

In particular, fans noticed her amazing proportions in the stunning bedazzled vest top. With her small waist and charming personality, she looked stunning and effortlessly elegant.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram 

Yet, even when she was outside, not even the darkness could hide her visuals. Out of the light, her makeup and sparkles weren’t as prominent. Yet, even without all the lights and effects, she still looked stunning. There is no denying why she has been praised for her beauty.

| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

When the clips were shared, fans went straight on social media to share their love for Jennie, especially as they couldn’t post it directly onto Instagram.

However, it isn’t the first time this week that she has shocked fans with her looks. Earlier in the week, when she attended a film festival with Jung Ho Yeon, netizens couldn’t get over how elegant she looked in a simple black dress. Even amongst all the stars, she looked radiant and showcased her visuals.

Jennie and Jung Ho Yeon | @hoooooyeony/Instagram

Whether on the red carpet, chilling at a festival, or just for Instagram to see, Jennie continues to prove that she is a true visual! You can read more about her time in LA below.

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