BLACKPINK’s Jennie Will Make Her Solo Debut in November

She will be going solo!

In an exclusive report, Sports Donga has reported that BLACKPINK’s Jennie will be making her debut as a soloist sometime in November, as the date has not been officially decided on yet.


During her time in Europe recently, she also found time to film her music video for her solo debut, and will also prepare a variety of other content to greet her fans with.


According to Sports Donga, YG Entertainment is working on finalizing the schedule for her solo debut, however, YG Entertainment has not yet released their own statement on Jennie’s solo debut.


Jennie would be revealing even more of her charms, ones that she has not shown during her time with BLACKPINK. She is currently known for her cute, but sexy and charismatic image. BLACKPINK and Jennie have taken over the world with their remarkable achievements and popularity, so there are many expectations for Jennie’s solo debut.

Source: Sports Donga