BLACKPINK Jennie’s YouTube Channel Hits Over 5 Million Subscribers With Just One Video

Fans can’t wait for her to upload a new video!

BLACKPINK Jennie’s official YouTube channel Jennierubyjane Official has been receiving tons of attention ever since she posted her first video online.

| @Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube

Despite only having one video upload, she has garnered over five million subscribers in less than a month!

The first video she uploaded was on her birthday as she revealed that she wanted to start her YouTube channel on a special day.

The video she has up now, which currently has over 24,000,000 views, shows her daily life as she shares an outfit of the day as well as a song cover.

| @Jennierubyjane Official/YouTube

Receiving the YouTube silver button right at the start of her YouTube career, it’s only a matter of time before she receives the YouTube gold button!

Source: insight


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