BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Adorably Tried Her Best To Learn How To Use Weverse For BLINKS

We remember having the same questions!

On August 2, BLACKPINK officially joined Weverse in order to interact with their fans!

Excited to make the most out of her first day, Jisoo attempted to figure out how the controls worked so that she could eventually share pictures and chat with BLINKs.

Lisa’s picture of Jisoo | BLACKPINK/Weverse

After Jisoo uploaded her very first photo (a beautiful portrait taken by Lisa), a curious BLINK checked in and asked about how she was adjusting to the new app. Jisoo revealed she had been navigating through everything on her own up until that point, so it hadn’t been an easy process!

M: Are you getting used to Weverse or are you still learning?

Jisoo: I’m not used to it and I’m not learning. I’m just figuring it out as I go 🥲

Jisoo then explained that there were many things she was having a bit of difficulty with, such as seeing all of the comments and changing her username and profile picture.

I don’t even get how I can refresh the comments, so I keep closing it and coming back to it. I want to change my name and profile picture!

— Jisoo

At one point she even lost her own reply – a struggle many fans have gone through at least a thousand times while browsing on Weverse! After realizing she couldn’t see it anymore, Jisoo confusedly pointed out, “wait, where did my comment go”


Still, she remains very optimistic about getting the hang of everything! Jisoo even stopped to ask BLINKs if it was hard for them too at first, then presented them with an inspiring quote.

Sometimes… even after you learn how to walk, you still stumble. Is this hard for blinks too? Haha. It’s always the first few steps that are the hardest.

— Jisoo

Finally, Jisoo left fans with a sweet goodbye message and promised that she would continue to try this out again in the future!

Get some rest my BLINKs hehe I love you all 🤍Good night🤍 Let’s try new things when I come back after I figure this out a bit more haha

— Jisoo

Are you excited to see BLACKPINK join Weverse?