BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Gives Out Comforting Advice On How To Overcome Anxiety In “W Korea”

Her words are sure to comfort you!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently did a stunning photo shoot and interview with W Korea.

In her interview, Jisoo discussed several things about herself and also gave the readers some great advice. The Interviewer mentioned a live video Jisoo did and claimed she noticed that Jisoo had an optimistic personality.

Q: Since “The Album,” I watched an Instagram Live or V LIVE, and I got the idea that you seem to have a very positive and easy-going personality. Positive people have different energy through passion. What advice do you have to those with anxiety, fear, and hesitation?

At the moment of anxiety and fear, it’s best to have a habit of not falling too deep into an emotion and quickly switching to a different thought instead. Despite how hard you try, there will always be sitations that are hard to solve, so I wish that you don’t hesitate too much.

— Jisoo


Jisoo continued to give advice on how to overcome hard situations instead of dwelling on it.

Also, don’t blame yourself for something that can’t easily be solved at will. Also don’t regret what has already happened. It’s best for you to quickly shake it off and instead think about what to do next and how to make it a better situation, and the result will be better.

— Jisoo

The interviewer then asked Jisoo what her biggest strength is, and like the kind person she is, Jisoo gave another golden piece of advice.

Q: What do you think your big strength is?

I don’t dwell on the past or the future. In the moment, I try my best all while focusing on the present. It seems to make me stronger.

— Jisoo

Jisoo seems to have all the answers and some seem to have come from none other than her own family member.

Q: Seeing you being honest and comfortable during live broadcasts, It seems like you’re a person who gives fans creative advice. Do you have any valuable advice or favorite phrases you’ve heard from someone else?

Maybe it’s because I just thought about what my big strengths are, but there is a word that popped up in my head. When I was younger, I happened to see a phrase my father wrote: ‘As if today was the last day.’ During that time, I did not exactly understand it’s meaning. It must have been a resolution to work hard in life with no regrets. Sometimes I think about that sentence.

— Jisoo

Jisoo’s gorgeous pictorial and great advice are definitely comforting the hearts of many fans.

Source: W Korea