BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Cheers Lisa On During Her “LALISA” Performance, And BLINKs Can’t Get Over How Supportive She Is

She’s so sweet 🥺

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is genuinely kind and supportive, and her appearance in Lisa’s latest YouTube video proves just how loving she is.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Lisa recently released behind-the-scenes footage from her fansign calls and performance of “LALISA” on SBS‘s Inkigayo via her YouTube channel, Lilifilm Official.

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube

Jisoo visited Lisa on the Inkigayo set while she got ready for her performance. She even filmed the video for Lisa to upload to YouTube later!

While Lisa got ready, Jisoo asked her to show her how to do the “LALISA” challenge because they would be filming the challenge video later. Jisoo said “it’s difficult,” and Lisa told her “it’s so easy, Jisoo.”

Although she was worried about filming the challenge video, Jisoo slayed the dance alongside Lisa!

Although she totally could’ve left after filming the video, Jisoo stayed to watch Lisa film her “LALISA” performance and cheer her on, which shows how much she cares for Lisa. She watched Lisa rehearse from backstage and made an L with her hands as she watched.

When Lisa came backstage to watch the rehearsal footage, Jisoo proudly said “I’m her fan.”

Lisa got nervous once it was time to film the actual performance, but Jisoo was there to encourage her. As Lisa walked to the stage, Jisoo cheered “fighting!”

Jisoo even grabbed a microphone and revisited her former role as an Inkigayo MC to wish Lisa, the dancers, and everyone else involved in the performance good luck.

BLINKs noticed how supportive Jisoo was and couldn’t stop gushing over how kind and supportive she is.

See Jisoo’s supportive moments and the full Lilifilm Oficial video below.