BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Confesses She Likes The Taste Of Newspaper Because It’s Salty

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BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was a guest on Lee Youngji‘s popular YouTube show My Alcohol Diary (also known as No Prepare), and she revealed a fascinating fact about herself.

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After a hiatus, Lee Youngji returned with My Alcohol Diary with Jisoo as the first guest. A very excited Lee Youngji prepared a table of food and alcohol, which she does for every guest, and the two drank while conversing about Jisoo’s life and career.

With Jisoo drinking from a Hello Kitty cup from Lee Youngji and Lee Youngji drinking from a cup gifted by Jisoo, the two drank some strong alcohol—the “world’s number one gin” that Youngji claimed she bought from Finland to give Jisoo.

After tasting the gin, Jisoo said, “Mm!” as she raised her eyebrows as if to say it was good. Lee Youngji, on the other hand, scrunched her face at the taste of it and asked Jisoo if it was good. She asked Jisoo if it was good, then said it tasted bad—like sticker pictures.

Is it good? Be honest, it doesn’t taste good. It’s not good. I don’t think it tastes good. It tastes like sticker pictures.

After a pause, Jisoo exclaimed.

You ate sticker pictures before?!

Youngji explained that she had licked a sticker picture before, and that’s what the alcohol tasted like—and to everyone’s surprise, Jisoo claimed she knew what Youngji was talking about.

Jisoo said that she did “a lot of things like that.” Then she confessed something nobody knew about her:

I used to like newspapers.

This information flustered Youngji, who said, “No, unnie, you went too far.” Jisoo then explained what she meant.

So when I was in kindergarten, I would do origami and while folding the colored paper, I tried eating it and it tasted bad. So I went home and there was a newspaper, so I tried it and it was a little salty and good.

Youngji then called a time-out and asked an important question.

When you say “eat,” do you mean you sucked on it or you chewed it?

Jisoo said she ate it. And she also shared how she quit.

So this is how I quit: there was tissue and I wanted to eat that too when I was a baby. So I was eating the tissue, but it was so bad so I quit.

When Youngji asked her if colored paper, newspaper, and tissue have different tastes, Jisoo said they are all different and shared how they are different.

They’re completely different. When you eat tissue, it melts right away and the texture is weird so it’s not good—it makes me quit.

Youngji, flabbergasted at all this information, asked if newspapers dissolve too, and Jisoo responded.

No, it doesn’t dissolve. It’s salty.

The studio laughed together at Jisoo’s adorable kindergarten moments of eating newspapers—then quitting newspapers.



Source: My Alcohol Diary


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