BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Turns Dior’s Paris Fashion Week Show Into Her Own “Rock Concert” As Everyone Rushes To See The Idol

Everyone wanted a glimpse of Jisoo, even the VIPs!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently stole the show after she made an appearance at the recent Dior runway show for Paris Fashion Week. As expected, the idol captured the hearts of fans from the very beginning, whether it was visuals and personality shining at the airport


Or at the actual event. In her plaid outfit that screamed preppy vibes, Jisoo showcased her own style in one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar.


However, if Jisoo’s visuals weren’t enough to send the internet into meltdown, it seems as if the idol cemented her status as the true star of the fashion event. Even before the event actually started, fans were queuing up to show their support for Jisoo, carrying flowers to share their love.

As soon as Jisoo stepped out of the car at the runway show, all eyes were on her. In particular, as Jisoo stood up, even she seemed shocked by the number of cheers and the rise in energy from fans as soon as they were able to see her face.


If that wasn’t enough, when she started walking surrounded by staff, fans in the crowd were determined to get a proper look at Jisoo. In particular, when she started waving to the fans, they all seemed to go crazy as they tried to catch her attention in any way possible, including chanting “Jisoo” at the top of their lungs.

| @v3nusaa/ Instagram

After the video was posted, others shared their own shots from the venue. It was undoubtedly crazy to see how many fans had turned up to see Jisoo.

| @chartsjisoo/ Twitter 

Many even compared the scene to a rock concert where everyone turned up to see the BLACKPINK singer. Even netizens were surprised at how busy the venue was, with fans waiting to catch a glimpse of Jisoo before entering the event.

If it was crazy outside with fans wanting to see Jisoo, it didn’t seem any different inside as all the VIP guests wanted to meet the idol. Obviously, her biggest fan has always been Dior’s CEO Pietro Beccari

| @BLACKPINK4WAYS/ Twitter     

She also met with Victoria de Castellane, who is the creative director for Dior Joaillerie…


The CEO of Berluti and chair of Loro Piana, Antoine Arnault


And even Thai actress Kimberly Ann Voltemas! It seems like everyone wanted to meet the “IT Girl” of the event.


In fact, images from the show point out that the brand valued her so much as the brand’s ambassador that she was not only in the front row for the show, but she was sat next to the CEO, his wife, and Anya.

Even as she left the event, BLINKs made sure their voices were heard as they started singing BLACKPINK’s hit track “Lovesick Girls”

As expected, Jisoo cemented her status as the main event of this year’s runway show. From the minute she stepped off the plane and arrived in Paris, she has stolen the hearts of fans and celebrities with her visuals and personality.

You can read more about Jisoo’s appearance at this year’s fashion week below.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is The True Main Event At Dior’s Paris Fashion Week Runway Show

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