BLACKPINK Fans Get Emotional Over Jisoo’s Instagram Story After Contract Renewal

“That pic is so nostalgic omg.”

After a long period of uncertainty over whether BLACKPINK would renew their contracts with YG Entertainment, fans were elated to learn that they would remain with their label for group activities.

BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Though their individual activities may end up being managed by other companies, YG Entertainment promised that new albums and world tours would be a part of BLACKPINK’s future.

| YG Entertainment

In light of this exciting news, BLACKPINK’s own Jisoo took to social media to express her own feelings towards the contract renewal.


About 16 hours ago as of the time of this writing, she shared a nostalgic picture of the four BLACKPINK members that was the first taken after they had learned they would be debuting together as the final line-up of the group. It was therefore their “first” picture as BLACKPINK, and the joy that each of the members felt in the photo is evident.

It’s a photo that many fans are familiar with as it has been on display in their recording studio, and clearly still means a lot to BLACKPINK’s members.

The photo displayed in BLACKPINK’s recording studio | Pann Nate

Fans are understandably emotional seeing Jisoo show such clear love and support for her fellow BLACKPINK members!

We can’t wait to see what BLACKPINK has in store for us next!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa