BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Favorite Cosmetic Is Lipstick, And The Reason Behind It Reflects Her True Personality

It reveals the heart behind her heart-shaped smile.

In an exclusive interview with Dior and Peter Philips, the creative and image director of Christian Dior Makeup, Peter asked BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo about her secret to shining brightly all the time. Jisoo’s secret? Thinking positively.

I always try to think positively, smile, and give of a positive vibe when I talk to people.

— Jisoo

There are countless occasions of Jisoo’s bright smile lighting up someone’s day, whether she’s on stage or just walking through the streets. No matter where she goes, Jisoo’s smile connects her kind heart to the people around her.

Even complete strangers notice her smile first and fall in love.


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Jisoo doesn’t just smile for others; her bright personality is a huge strength to herself, carrying her through these past six years as an idol, whether through happy or difficult times.

Even when things don’t go well, I try to cheer up and smile to overcome those hardships.

— Jisoo

Jisoo receives not only comfort but also courage from her smile, allowing her to confidently face anything scary.


I’m not scary 😎 #blackpink #kim #jisoo #fy #fyp

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So since smiling is so important to Jisoo, lipstick is essential for her, and it’s been her favorite for a long time.

And with her heart-shaped lips, lipstick is the best makeup to accentuate Jisoo’s ethereal beauty.

You can watch the full Instagram videos of Jisoo sharing her love for lipstick here: