A BLACKPINK Dancer Hints At What Fans Can Expect From Jisoo’s Solo Debut Album “ME”

He was a dancer for the music video.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is making her highly-anticipated solo debut on March 31 with ME.


Fans have been praising the gorgeous cinematic teasers and even jokingly suspected they knew what the title track, “FLOWER,” might be about, thanks to a resurfaced past clip.

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And many fans were curious about the number of songs Jisoo would release for her debut single album.

Jennie, who made her solo debut in 2018, released the single “SOLO.”

And then, both Rosé and Lisa released two songs each with their solo debuts in 2021. Rosé released both “On The Ground” and Gone,” and Lisa released both “LALISA” and “MONEY.”

And BLACKPINK have released single albums in the past, like Square One, which featured two tracks. Square Two, another single album, included three new tracks.

So many fans expected Jisoo to release one or two songs for her solo debut.

And now it seems like one of BLACKPINK’s dancers on their BORN PINK world tour may have hinted at what fans can look forward to from ME.

The dancer, Will Han, explained he was a dancer in the “FLOWER” music video.

Dancers Sang Hyun Yoon and Will Han | Heyday/YouTube 

And that Jisoo spent February, when the group wasn’t on tour, preparing for her solo debut.

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When asked how he prepared to perform “FLOWER,” Will Han spilled that “There are several songs in the album.

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However, not only are there multiple songs in the album, but Will Han believes that all the songs are so good that they could have been used as a title track.

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In the past, when talking about her concerns for her solo debut, Jisoo admitted that she wasn’t sure which styles she most wanted to focus on. So it’s possible that these “several songs” will show off Jisoo’s versatility in executing multiple genres.

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You can read more about the filming for “FLOWER” here.

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