BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Gains Attention For Her “Luxurious” Way Of Treating BLINKs During An “Inkigayo” Pre-Recording

Two gifts particularly caught the attention of fans…

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo might be one of the world’s biggest and most popular idols, but the idol never forgets about the group’s fans. Recently, Jisoo went viral after showcasing her love for BLINKs during a music show recording in the most luxurious way.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

On March 31, Jisoo finally made her hotly anticipated solo debut with the album ME and title track “FLOWER!”

Jisoo’s MV for “FLOWER” | BLACKPINK/YouTube

On April 1, Jisoo attended a pre-recording for an upcoming episode of Inkigayo. During music show recordings, it is common for idols to give gifts out to those attending, and Jisoo was no different… but she gave a luxurious twist.

Jisoo is known as the “Golden Girl of DIOR” as the brand’s global ambassador. Throughout the past few years, she has wowed at events and been treated like a true Princess.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram
| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Well, it seems like Jisoo’s love of DIOR and love received from DIOR were worthy of BLINKs. After the pre-recording of Inkigayo, fans shared the beautiful gifts that Jisoo had prepared, and the DIOR bag definitely gained attention.

| @honorslisa/Twitter

BLINKs shared that they received a whole plethora of gifts, including a message card, a photocard, and a cupcake.

| @honorslisa/Twitter
| @jisooarg/Twitter

If that wasn’t cute enough, BLINKs shared that the unexpected Dunst boxes the gifts were in had a purpose, as each fan was gifted a special t-shirt from the brand for which Jisoo is an ambassador.

| @pawangdalgom/Twitter

What made it even more touching was the Dunst clothing Jisoo gifted was the same top she wore at the airport, showcasing that she only wanted the best for the fans.

The main event was luxury DIOR makeup which had a special place for Jisoo and fans.

BLINKs were gifted the  Lip Addict Glow Shade 031, and while it was heartwarming enough, the particular color and shade were created for the idol’s birthday. The actual casing of the makeup was even more special as it was embossed with Jisoo’s name.

| @honorslisa/Twitter
| @honorslisa/Twitter

When the images were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the luxurious nature of Jisoo’s gifts for fans. Of course, many loved how far Jisoo had gone for fans, including designer items, but others couldn’t get over the personal details from the engraved makeup in the shade BLINKs loved and the care taken for each fan.

While they are small actions, the thought that goes into everything Jisoo does showcases her love and appreciation for the fans.

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