BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Geomungo Instructor Praises Her Work Ethic And Admits He Was Speechless After Meeting Her

“If this isn’t promoting national prestige at its finest, I don’t know what is.”

The members of BLACKPINK delivered a stunning performance in their “Pink Venom” music video.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé | @Jeff__Benjamin/Twitter

The group has been carefully preparing for their long-awaited return to music, wanting to deliver only the best for BLINKs. While speaking in a press conference ahead of the official release of their new song “Pink Venom,” Rosé and Lisa shared that when the group heard the song for the first time, they knew it was the one they wanted to share with fans first.

BLACKPINK’s comeback has been a long-time coming, with signs of the members working on their new music back in March of this year. Now that the song is officially released, we can see the result of all of the hard work BLACKPINK has put into delivering a high-quality concept and incredible performance.

While the members each showed off their individual skills, member Jisoo surprised fans with a new skill, her geomungo performance. The geomungo is a traditional Korean zither, which is a stringed instrument.

Teasers leading up to the release heavily featured the sound of the geomungo, and the group received praise for continuing to promote Korean culture through their music and outfits.

BLACKPINK in modern hanboks for their “How You Like That” promotions

For her performance, it was revealed that Jisoo diligently took lessons on how to play the instrument. Professional musician and geomungo player Park Chun Kyung helped instruct Jisoo on how to play the traditional instrument, and he gushed about her professionalism in his recent Instagram post.

It turns out the performance shown in the music video was planned last minute, and Jisoo’s professional and unfazed response to the impromptu scene proved her true personality. Park Chun Kyung spilled on her work ethic and shared his reaction to meeting her for the first time.

Hello, this is geomungo player Park Chun Kyung. BLACKPINK’s “Pink Venom,” which starts off with a geomungo riff, has been released! And I had the honor of being a part of the production, haha. Another musician was in charge of recording the riff and teaching the instrument. I was in charge of giving the final lesson and directing the details on set at the music video shoot. I was surprised by how quickly [Jisoo] got comfortable with the instrument, though I’ve heard that she did very well during her lessons. Even when the MV director threw in a performance scene last minute, she handled it like a professional without getting flustered at all, and I thought to myself, “Wow, she’s a genius.” I realized something while I was working on this production and it’s that idols, actors, and all other celebrities in the entertainment industry are super talented. I mean, it only makes sense that they’re pursuing careers in the entertainment industry since they’ve been born with such charm…Anyway, I had a lot of fun at the final lesson and at the MV shoot. I’m deeply grateful that a global girl group like BLACKPINK chose to feature a traditional Korean instrument in their song. If this isn’t promoting national prestige at its finest, I don’t know what is. Congratulations, BLACKPINK, on the successful release of the song. And I wish them all the best on the second album, BORN PINK, as well. And I truly hope this song piques your interest in the instrument geomungo (and me, too…) Korean people should support Korean music, because if we don’t, then who would? And I definitely think Korean music is charming enough [for your interest]. So please show traditional Korean music a lot of love!+ Jisoo is so gorgeous that I went completely speechless when I first met her. No doubt about it…

⁠— Park Chun Kyung

Check out the impressive performance in the “Pink Venom” music video below!