Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Would Get Rid Of Ex-Friends Who Try To Add Her In Games

Her method is simple yet effective 😂

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has a firm and straightforward method of handling ex-friends who want to add her in games!

Jisoo was recently announced to be collaborating with LINE FRIENDS and KartRider Rush+ to personally design items for the game.

In a recent episode posted by LINE FRIENDS, Jisoo and her assistant, professional gamer and YouTuber Moon Ho Joon, visited Lee Dong Yeol and Sung Byung Gyu, the men in charge of KartRider Rush+, to ask questions about the game.

Among the questions that were asked was one on how to get rid of ex-friends who wish to rekindle their friendship through the game: “How do you get rid of an ex-friend who adds you as a friend on KartRider Rush+?

For Moon Ho Joon, there is only one way to react to these kinds of people—by blocking them! He neither wants to accept nor reject their request. In fact, he’d feel worse if he were to reject them.

Instant block. Don’t click accept or reject. I feel bad clicking reject even though we’re not friends anymore.

— Moon Ho Joon

On the other hand, Lee Dong Yeol and Sung Byung Gyu’s expert solution was to make a new account.

Jisoo, however, wasn’t having it! She confidently revealed her personal opinion on how to get rid of ex-friends on the game.

I think the best way is to ignore them.

— Jisoo

Although the context of her answer was a game, who’s to say Jisoo doesn’t follow the same philosophy in life? Watch the short and sweet episode in the full video below!



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