BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was So Good At Giving Pick-Up Lines, Her Members Couldn’t Handle It

“I got a crush on her.”

BLACKPINK showed off their seductive sides in the Charm Battle of Netflix. They each picked a fellow member to test out their moves through flirty pick-up lines. Everyone would rate their delivery, with one over-all winner being announced at the end.

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Arguably the best among them was none other than Jisoo! Her first pick-up line to Jennie was a massive hit: “I must be in a museum, because you’re a work of art.”

With her hand gently caressing Jennie’s face, she got the best result possible. Everyone in the room burst out laughing and showered her with compliments.

I got a crush on her.

— Jennie

Rosé was so impressed, she scored Jisoo 40 out of 10, with Lisa giving her a slightly more generous 41 out of 10.

They couldn’t get enough of her! Directly afterwards, Rosé asked her unnie to say another line.

Giving in to popular demand, Jisoo presented another pick-up line that was just as good as the first.

I saw a flower this morning, and there it was, the most precious thing ever…until I met you.

— Jisoo

Her delivery was spot-on! Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa were thoroughly amused: “Wait, wait, wait, she’s really good at this!”

The main vocalist loved it so much, she gave 70 points out of 10, a good 30 points higher than her original grade.

In the end, Jisoo won the entire Charm Battle—to no one’s surprise.

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If you want to see more of BLACKPINK blushing and showing their love for each other, check out the full video below.


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