Here’s The Newest Hairstyle That Has Become The Craze In Korea, And It’s All Because Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo is a true trendsetter!

When it comes to style icons in K-Pop, there is no denying that fans are influenced by their favorite idols somehow. Yet, one group who has always been known as true trend-setters are the members of BLACKPINK. Since debuting, the group has showcased their love of fashion and reflected their personality in their clothes.

However, one member has recently gone viral for her influence in Korea… because of her hair, and that is member Jisoo!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaa__/ Instagram

Jisoo has recently gained the love and admiration from fans after making her acting debut in the JTBC K-Drama Snowdrop, alongside actor Jung Hae InThroughout the series, the two caught the attention of netizens for their unrivaled chemistry from the happiest moments…


To the times when viewers had their hearts broken when things got tough between the star-crossed lovers.


Well, it seems like something else has caught the attention of netizens in Korea, and it’s none other than Jisoo’s style as the character Young Ro. In the series, Jisoo is dressed and styled like someone from the 1980s.

Jisoo as Young Ro | JTBC

But, it is her hairstyle that particularly caught the attention of netizens. In the show, Jisoo has a hairstyle that is parted in the middle and then curled out to make subtle waves. There is no denying how beautiful it looks on Jisoo, but it seems that it is a hairstyle that everyone wants.


Recently, a hair salon in Seoul called revealed that a lot of customers asked to have their hair styled like Eun Young Ro. According to the post, the hairdressers believed it was a hairstyle that suits nearly everyone’s face type and is suitable for everyone.

| @sooyaa__/ Instagram

They also explained that the initial base of the style meant that it could be easily replicated but also styled in different ways depending on the occasion.

The salon even shared examples of the hairstyle in practice, and it is definitely a look that exudes elegance and class.

It seems as if, no matter what Jisoo does, she truly cements herself as a style icon, and her beauty definitely shines to the extent that everyone wants to know what it feels like.

| @sooyaa__/ Instagram
| @sooyaa__/ Instagram

Despite being so beautiful, Jisoo is also as humble as possible. She always shows love for her members and the BLINKs that have supported her throughout the series. No doubt, there will be many people wanting to try Jisoo’s Snowdrop hairstyle, and it isn’t surprising.  

You can read more about Jisoo in Snowdrop below.

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