BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Heard Lisa’s Photos Were Lethal So She Had To Check Them Out For Herself

Jisoo had to see how dangerous Lisa’s photos were to BLINKs for herself:

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been knocking fans out with her stunning visuals from the day she debuted, and since she created her own Instagram, Lisa has been attacking fans left and right. And after finding out how lethal her photos are, well, of course, Jisoo had to investigate for herself!

Lisa has posted a number of jaw-dropping selcas of herself, and those photos instantly stole everyone’s breath. One photo, in particular, had fans exclaiming over Lisa’s lethal qualities!

In fact, fans even took things into BLACKPINK’s CH+ forum where Jisoo soon found out about the fatal photo! And of course, Jisoo had to go find out about Lisa’s dangerous side for herself!

When fans discovered that Jisoo had gone over to the post to see Lisa’s devastating visuals for herself, they couldn’t help but show their detective Jisoo some love too!

Many fans also expressed how adorable Jisoo’s response to the photo was! These two really are the cutest!