BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has The Most Inspirational Advice For Anyone Who’s Pursuing Others As Their Role Models

Everyone everywhere needs to hear Jisoo’s wise words!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo opened up honestly about her personality in a recent photoshoot and interview for ELLE in London, but she also had the most inspirational advice to anyone who set other people as their role models.


Jisoo is a role model to a massive fan base all over the world, but she doesn’t believe setting up others as role models is the best method in life.


She wants everyone to not look to others as their role model, but look to their future selves! She explained that there is no other role model who’s better than the person you wish to become for your own dreams and identity.

I want to tell people to make their future selves their role models. Instead of chasing after someone else’s image, I want everyone to look forward to tomorrow by pursuing their dream each day without any hesitation.

— Jisoo


She confessed that she too had tried setting other people as her role models, but ultimately felt more lost than accomplished.

I had also tried following someone else around me and got lost here and there. Instead of feeling accomplished, I felt empty.

— Jisoo


She explained that her biggest with for her fans is to not look up towards other people but to look up to the best person that they themselves can become!

I wish everyone can create their own role models from inside themselves.

— Jisoo


Jisoo once again proves not only is she drop dead gorgeous on the outside, she’s absolutely beautiful on the inside with her heartfelt wisdom for her fans everywhere!

Source: Newsen