BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Jennie Reveal Each Others’ Ideal Types

Here’s who Jisoo and Jennie are looking for in each others’ special someones!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and Jennie got together for an episode of Star Road where they answered personal questions about each other. First, Jennie began by correctly answering questions about Jisoo straight in a row!


But Jennie seemed to have some trouble when it came to Jisoo’s ideal type. It also didn’t help that Jisoo was very fickle with her preferences!


Jennie revealed that the BLACKPINK members all don’t really have specific type.

“We don’t talk about our ideal types often. Many people know that we don’t really have one.”

— Jennie


To Jennie’s surprise, Jisoo revealed that she’s attracted to someone with two specific qualities. First, that person needs to be her absolute #1 fan!

“I have two types that I like. First, someone who really likes me. Jisoo’s biggest fan.”

— Jisoo


And Jisoo would also also prefer that person to have the prettiest smile!

“The other is someone who has a pretty smile. I like people who are pretty when they smile.”

— Jisoo


Next, it was Jisoo’s turn to correctly answer all of the personal questions about Jennie!


Surprisingly, Jisoo also had some trouble recalling what Jennie’s ideal type was!


But soon answered that Jennie likes someone dependable who will always protect her. Jennie answered that it was correct!

“Someone dependable. Someone who’ll protect her.”

— Jisoo 


At the end of the quiz, Jisoo and Jennie proved that their friendship had blossomed so far beyond that they’re basically closer than sisters!

Jisoo: We know each other too well. We’ve lived together for so long.

Jennie: We only missed two questions for fun.

Jisoo: I know her better than my family members.