BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals How Jennie Incorporated The Members Into Her Game “Jentle Garden”

Jennie said OT4 forever!

At the end of 2021, BLACKPINK‘s Jennie teased fans with an upcoming collaboration with GENTLE MONSTER, an eye-wear company she has worked with before.

The JENNIE x GENTLE MONSTER collaboration was titled “JENTLE HOME” and was inspired by Jennie’s childhood memories. On Instagram, she even showcased some beautiful pictures promoting the project.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/ Instagram
| @jennierubyjane/ Instagram

As part of that collaboration, Jennie has released a game called “Jentle Garden.” According to the description, the game is a fantasy world where users can grow their own Flower Garden with Jennie on the mobile game. The game was released on February 22 and recorded over 400,000 downloads on its first day.

| Google Play Store
| Google Play Store

Well, it seems as if despite being a solo venture for Jennie, the idol has once again proved that she is always about her members. Jennie also showed that she wants to incorporate them into her activities in any way possible.

On February 22, member Jisoo took some time out to speak to fans on Weverse. Of course, BLINKs wanted to know how Jisoo reacted to the game, and one fan asked whether she’s played it already. In the reply, Jisoo joked that she once saw Jennie playing the demo and tried to stop her, not realizing what it was.

I saw Jennie play the demo version so I told her, ‘Don’t play stuff like that, play store games with me.’ She replied, ‘I made this…’ So I said quickly, ‘I said that because you might get addicted because it’s so small and cute.’

| Weverse

Yet, even though Jisoo might not have played it, she explained that she knew Jennie had put a special reference to the members in the game. When another fan asked whether Jisoo was playing the game, the idol replied, “I haven’t tried it yet, but Jennie boasted that she put characters for Lisa, Chaeng, and me.

| Weverse

As soon as Jisoo shared this information, BLINKs couldn’t get over this fact, especially after realizing that it was true. While playing the game, fans realized that there were several references to the members throughout.

In particular, there are various animals in the game, and many have thought it could reference the members. There is a bunny that has always been associated with Jisoo, a cat or duck that might reference Lisa, and a chipmunk linked to Rosé.

| Google Play Store

In the description for the game, eagle-eyed fans noticed that when it showcased the ability to collect coins, there was also a reference to the members. For each of the animals shown, there was a reference to the members’ birthdays. 

  • Jennie 9960116 – 1996/01/16 – Jennie’s birthday
  • Kuma 1950103 – 1995/01/03 – Jisoo’s birthday
  • Kai 970211 – 1997/02/11 – Rosé’s birthday
  • Jendeukie 97327 – 1997/03/27 – Lisa’s birthday
| Google Play Store

Once again, Jennie has proved just how much she cares for the members. Although it might be subtle, it showcases that they are always in her thoughts regardless of activities or promotions. Considering how close the members are, it isn’t surprising that they have cemented themselves as a family rather than just a group.

Members of BLACPINK | BLACKPINK/ Twitter
| BLACKPINK/ Twitter

It will be exciting to see whether the members play the game together and their reactions to the little characters. As always, BLACKPINK proves just how close they are.

You can read more about the collaboration below.

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Source: Google Store and Weverse