Fans Demand Apology From Rolling Stone Korea For “Disrespecting” BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Lisa

Fans were upset by how they described Jisoo and Lisa.

Although fans enjoyed the in-depth interviews with the girls of BLACKPINK for Rolling Stone magazine, a recent article by Rolling Stone Korea has left fans upset by referring to the members Jisoo and Lisa in a manner BLINKs called “disrespectful.

Lias and Jisoo.

Causing the phrase “Apologize To Jisoo” to trend on Twitter, the article attempted to praise Jisoo’s growth as a vocalist in a way that downplayed her talent as a K-Pop idol and lead vocalist. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only part that angered fans.

Although she does not possess the most outstanding talent in the group as a vocalist or dancer, her growth is much more apparent.

— Rolling Stone Korea

Jisoo excerpt from “Rolling Stone Korea” article. | @sohooyoungro/Twitter

When speaking of what drew fans to Lisa, the way they referred to the idol’s appearance touched on a sensitive issue, especially since Lisa has been the target of racist attacks in the past because of her Thai ethnicity. Fans also trended the phrase “Apologize To Lisa” to call out the word choice of “exotic” and “kinks” to describe a foreigner as “racist” and “xenophobic.”

The unique presence of Lisa, created by her overpowering physical charm and exotic appearance…highlight her identity as a solo artist.

…her pronunciation in those songs is natural enough to prevent the listener from sensing any kinks from the foreign member of the group.

— Rolling Stone Korea

Lisa excerpt from “Rolling Stone Korea” article. | @GIRL0VESICK/Twitter

Due to fans’ cries of “disrespect” toward Jisoo and Lisa, fans noticed that Rolling Stone Korea updated the article by removing the sentences that upset fans. Despite the changes, BLINKs are still demanding a formal apology.

Rolling Stone Korea has yet to make an announcement addressing the issue.

Source: Rolling Stone Korea