BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Melts Fans’ Hearts With Her Parent Reveal

Their interactions reveal a lot about Jisoo’s personality!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is back with another vlog chronicling the behind-the-scenes travels on the group’s BORN PINK world tour.

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Since Jisoo opened her personal YouTube channel on her birthday in January, she’s taken fans along on her time off in London, Barcelona, Cologne, Paris, and now, Copenhagen.

Jisoo shared during her first night in Copenhagen that she would only be there for the concert the next day and would leave the day after.

Despite the short amount of time that she was there, she made the most of her trip and gave BLINKs plenty of vlog moments to enjoy.

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During her final day in Copenhagen, she had two special guests to enjoy Denmark’s capital with, her parents!

Jisoo’s vlog was one of the first times the BLACKPINK member revealed her parents to fans, but she’s fondly spoken about them numerous times.

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As the youngest in her family, Jisoo’s parents have always doted on her, and she revealed a bit of their dynamic during BLACKPINK’s Rolling Stone interview.

Back then—I don’t know what I was thinking—but on some days, if I didn’t want to go to school, I just didn’t. And my parents let me! I’d wake up one morning grimacing because I didn’t want to go to school. My dad would say, ‘What’s up? Why the long face?‘ I’d say, ‘Dad, I’m so tired, I just want to sleep.’ ‘OK, don’t go then!

— Jisoo

Although Jisoo’s vlog only showed a few moments with her parents, their short screen time revealed much more about their loving parenting and explained where Jisoo got her adorable sense of humor.

The trio visited Rosenborg Castle, and as the bells of the church chimed, Jisoo’s mom hilariously took off running, showing where Jisoo gets her playful energy.

Jisoo then heartwarmingly showed her parents’ loving relationship as her dad snapped a sweet photo of Jisoo’s mom in front of the castle.

They then went to Christiansborg Slot, where Jisoo ran in front of the palace and hilariously asked her parents if she looked like a pigeon since she was wearing gray.

Her dad funnily suggested that she was instead a crow, showing where Jisoo gets her humor. When Jisoo became jokingly disappointed with his suggestion, he shared that crows are more intelligent. Hearing that, Jisoo changed her mind and confidently declared she was a crow.

BLINKs loved seeing Jisoo enjoy time with her family while on tour, and many hearts melted while watching their precious interactions.

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