BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Dream Comes True As She Meets Her Favorite Actress Natalie Portman At Dior’s Paris Fashion Week

Dior is collecting beautiful and talented women.

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo attended Dior‘s Show for Paris Fashion Week, and as usual, she stole the hearts of everyone.


Befitting her title as “Princess of Dior,” Jisoo exuded regal elegance, and her close friendship with the executives of Dior proves how much they love her.

She’s also winning over the CEOs of multiple luxury fashion brands, proving that her popularity and value are unrivaled.

And as soon as the show was over, Jisoo greeted all her fans waiting outside the venue. Besides her insane beauty, she made every smile with her cute clumsy moments and sweet kindness.

Jisoo took her time to say goodbye, making as much eye contact as possible and sending kisses and hearts in every direction.

To have Jisoo complete your hand heart must be a dream come true.

For Jisoo, her own dream came true when she sat next to the Israeli-American actress Natalie Portman, who is recognized worldwide for her incredible talent and beauty.

Natalie Portman has been a Dior Global Ambassador for a long time, and when Jisoo first joined Dior as a local beauty ambassador, she mentioned that she was super excited to work for the same brand as her favorite actress. Timeskip a few years, and she’s joined Natalie Portman as a global ambassador, carrying multiple nicknames like “Human Dior” and “Dior’s Muse.”

Natalie Portman is Jisoo’s inspiration as an actress since Natalie can completely transform into any role she plays. With Jisoo’s debut role in Snowdrop, she proved that she’s also an actress that embodies her character perfectly, even winning an award for her outstanding performance.

BLINKs have long known of Jisoo’s love for Natalie Portman, so we couldn’t be more excited and happy that she’s had the chance to meet her idol in person. Now, all we’re waiting for are the pictures they’ve taken together (and hopefully one or two selfies). And while we wait, here are some breathtaking comparisons between Jisoo and Natalie.