Netizens Speculate that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has Lost Weight Prior To The Group’s Comeback

Whether she has or not, she’s still gorgeous!

It’s not uncommon for K-Pop idols to go on diets in the weeks leading up to comebacks, and some netizens suspect BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo might have done just that.


A post made on an online forum on July 30 shared a recent picture of Jisoo and sparked the conversation about speculating that she has lost weight recently.

The picture of Jisoo shared on the forum post

Of course, Jisoo has always been a slim person, and there’s always going to be some understandable concern when a K-Pop idol seems to be on a diet.


Comments on the original post are quite varied, but most seem convinced that she has, indeed, lost weight.

  • “I think she loses weight whenever she’s preparing for a comeback. She lost weight ahead of ‘HYLT’ comeback too.”
  • “I can’t believe her face got even smaller.”
  • “Woah, she did lose weight… She was already small but she got even slimmer.”
  • “How can an already skinny person lose even more weight?”
  • “I can sense their comeback is imminent…”

All we hope is that she is happy and healthy for BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback in August!

Source: Instiz