BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Reveals Just How Difficult It Was To Film Her Water Scene In “Lovesick Girls”

Her member’s reactions were also revealed.

When BLACKPINK released the music video for “Lovesick Girls” on October 2, it was an instant hit with fans. They showed a more emotional side to themselves for the first time in a title track. Just like how the music was more melodic than their beat-heavy previous songs, the video was also more emotional than usual.

One of the most memorable scenes that helped set the mood was Jisoo‘s water solo towards the end. With tears falling down her face and water surrounding her completely, she was the definition of sad and desolate.

In the online broadcast of BLACKPINK before the music video dropped, she revealed behind-the-scenes details about the swimming pool scene. Jisoo explained that the scene did not concern her before filming.

When they told me that I have to go into the water, I didn’t think much about it. I didn’t think about the water temperature. I didn’t think about hot or cold water. I was just like, ‘It’s water, okay!’

— Jisoo

In reality, it had its own problems: “It was so cold.”

It was more difficult than usual to film because it was the last shot for the day. It was as cold as it could be, and Jisoo’s condition was no longer fresh.

I was the last person to shoot. After [the] break, I had a long wait. I had to film other scenes at night and then I went into the water. I was so cold so I was like this.

— Jisoo

She concluded by saying that instead of seeing her sorrowful emotions, fans might just focus on her stiff body: “You might notice that I’m frozen in the scene.”

Upon hearing this, her members insisted that Jisoo looked gorgeous in her solo scene.

While Jennie had to leave to film her own scene, Lisa and Rosé were able to stay and watch. The pair couldn’t stop praising their unnie‘s visuals.

In the end, Jisoo was as stunning as promised! The cold journey was well worth it upon seeing the results.

Check out the full “Lovesick Girls” music video below!

Source: V-Live