BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Shared Her Honest Feelings About Hate Comments

She gave some great advice.

During her free time while BLACKPINK was on their World Tour, Jisoo was able to have some downtime and did a mukbang livestream with BLINKs. She looked pretty pleased with her pasta and was eager to try out her dinner. During the live broadcast, Jisoo answered some light-hearted questions and showcased a bit of the English she had been practicing.

Jisoo even explained that the other BLACKPINK members love the way she pronounces “so cool”. She explained that each time she said it, Rosé always said, “unnie please say it again one more time!”

But Jisoo was then asked a serious question where someone was wondering whether she has ever read hate comments of her before.

Read hate comments? I don’t purposely read them. To be honest I haven’t really seen them.

— Jisoo

But sadly, Jisoo revealed a particular time where the other members of BLACKPINK had been telling her about how there had been a lot of hate comments about them. As the oldest member, Jisoo encouraged the other members to stop reading them and focus only on the positive comments.

But once the other girls told me there was a lot of hate comments once, so I told them not to read them.

I only remember the good things.

— Jisoo

While Jisoo’s advice is reassuring, it is saddening to know that the other members of BLACKPINK have been affected by some of the hate comments that have been directed their way.

Sadly, hate comments are an inevitable part of becoming an idol. In fact, receiving criticism is an unavoidable part of life. But Jisoo is right. Instead of focusing on the hate and relentless criticisms, it is always important to appreciate the compliments and support in your life.

It is clear that hate comments don’t matter to Jisoo. What matters to her is the unconditional love that BLINKs have been giving her since their debut. And thanks to Jisoo, BLACKPINK knows that there is so much praise and goodness in life that is important for them to acknowledge.