BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Impresses Pro Gamer Moon Ho Joon With Her Gaming Skills

Don’t underestimate Jisoo’s gaming skills!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently showed off her great gaming skills in the newest video of LINE‘s YouTube. It was back on February 25 that LINE FRIENDS announced that Jisoo was working hard on creating her own character for the game, KartRider Rush+Not only is Jisoo perfect for this project because of her gamer status, but also because KartRider Rush+ is a personal favorite of hers!

In the recently uploaded episode, Jisoo was accompanied by former pro-gamer and YouTuber Moon Ho Joon. Moon has won several awards and championships for his great KartRider skills. Moon’s channel primarily focuses on playing KartRider and KartRider Rush+. Moon’s role was to act as Jisoo’s mentor. Much like the rest of the world, Moon was star-struck by the cutie Jisoo! Jisoo was also excited to be in the presence of a professional gamer!

Jisoo showed confidence after she teased Moon and claimed he chose an easy course for her: “Why did you select this track? ‘Lumberjack Lane’ is the simplest track I’ve seen.” Moon responded, “The first race is a warm-up (laughs).”

Once the game started, Jisoo impressed everyone with her “Turbo start.

While she had some shaky moments, Jisoo managed to get her character out of last place and Moon constantly praised with compliments such as, “Oh, the timing on that nitro was very good.

Despite the nerves and tough moments, Jisoo was able to take first place! I mean, the goal is to win first place no matter how many times you might’ve struggled to get there.

Jisoo celebrated with a proud pose and expression. She’s so adorable!

Moon was also impressed and complimented her techniques. For the next round, Jisoo expressed her desire to try a more difficult course: “Try again with higher difficultly…two stars?…then three?

The episode ended with Jisoo as she started her new course and it seems like she impressed Moon even more!

Check out Jisoo totally crushing KartRider Rush+: