BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was Asked To Sing An OST For “Snowdrop,” But Here’s Why She Declined

It showcases her professionalism!

Since JTBC‘s newest K-Drama Snowdrop started airing, it was met with much love despite the plot’s controversies. In particular, netizens couldn’t get enough of the chemistry between leading actors Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, who was making her acting debut.

Jung Hae In (left) and Jisoo (right) | JTBC

The show recently finished, and netizens were left wanting more after the emotional season finale, which saw Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) die in the arms of Young Ro (Jisoo).


Luckily, if fans thought the series was over too quickly, they didn’t have to worry as it was announced that the show’s official OST would be released. Not only would it have a special CD full of fantastic songs, but there is a special photobook, full of photos from the show and unique polaroids.

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Throughout the series, netizens were wondering when the official soundtrack would be released and, more importantly, who would appear on it.

Although there were hints that Jung Hae In might make an appearance, BLINKs wanted to know whether Jisoo would be singing on the OST. Considering that she’s an idol by profession, it wasn’t an unreasonable expectation.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo on stage performing

Yet, Jisoo recently confirmed during a live broadcast that she wasn’t in the OST. Yet, BLINKs couldn’t hide their shock when it was revealed that she was actually asked by the producer but had turned it down.

During the live broadcast with fans, Jisoo explained that director Jo Hyun Tak asked her to sing on the OST but she said no to the request.

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Although it seemed odd and fans were disappointed that she said no, they couldn’t stop praising Jisoo when they heard the reason why. In the show, Jisoo’s character Young Ro is extremely complicated and has a rollercoaster journey of falling in love.

For Jisoo, she wanted to keep Young Ro’s identity and voice separate from BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

I thought that if my voice came out as a song, it would be hard to concentrate on the drama. I wanted Young Ro to be left as Young Ro. The directors respected my opinion.

— Jisoo


When Jisoo revealed this to fans, many shared their thoughts, understandably expressing their sadness that they wouldn’t hear Jisoo’s voice. Yet, more of them couldn’t stop praising her professionalism.

There is no doubt that considering how long it’s been since a BLACKPINK comeback, and with fans waiting for Jisoo’s solo debut, it would’ve been nice to hear her voice on the show’s OST. Yet, it once again proves how professional and dedicated Jisoo was to the role that she wanted to separate her career as an idol from her first acting role.

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