BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Kept Spoiling “FLOWER”, But Fans Mistook It For Something Else

“Everyone thought I was copying…”

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo‘s solo debut has been highly anticipated since it was announced. While fans were eager for all the details they could get, the idol had given out spoilers all along. They were just interpreted as something hilariously different.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

As Jisoo reacted to her “FLOWER” music video, she was excited to see one of the scenes that showed off its signature choreography. She had a funny story to share about it.

It hadn’t been the first time Jisoo showed the choreography. She said, “I’ve been giving out spoilers with my hands without the flower.

Fans even found one of the moments from BLACKPINK’s concert where Jisoo did the flower pose.

While the members laughed over the accurate spoiler and claimed it might’ve been too much, fans came up with a funnier interpretation.

They thought Jisoo was imitating a popular variety show instead. She said, “Everyone thought I was copying ‘Infinite Challenge’ the program.

She didn’t mind at all, though. Jisoo laughed, “As an ‘Infinite Challenge’ fan, I felt honored.

When looking at the Infinite Challenge cast pose, it makes sense why fans made such a funny connection.

“Infinite Challenge” cast.

Watch Jisoo have a laugh about fans thinking her “FLOWER” spoiler was actually a variety show pose.


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