BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Has Spoken: The Group’s Next Song Will Be Titled “Secret”

Oh, that competitiveness in her got the best of her!

On a recent episode of Knowing Bros, the hosts and all four members of BLACKPINK split into two teams and played a game of “Name The Songs”.

BLACKPINK on “Knowing Bros”. | JTBC

The Black Team and the Pink Team each took turns, trying to name at least six BLACKPINK songs to win the prize of fried rice. From “Would You Let You Go”…

… to “DDU-RU DDU-RU-RU”, the hosts went 200% rogue on some of the titles and struggled to list BLACKPINK’s hits.

By the fourth run though, it seemed the Black Team had it down.

That is, until host Min Kyung Hoon shouted, “Secret” out of the blue!

Jennie immediately put a hold on the game and claimed “there is no such song“…

… but Jisoo, determined to take the win, had a completely different idea. She playfully insisted a song called “Secret” does exist and is on the brink of dropping — making everyone crack up!

Oh, it’s a song that’s coming soon!

— Jisoo

Despite Jisoo’s attempt to play the trickster, the Pink Team ended up taking the win — after naming the songs “Pretty Savage, “Don’t Know What To Do”, “Lovesick Girls”, “As If It’s Your Last”, “Whistle”, and “Stay” (which Min Kyung Hoon meant to say).

Jisoo on “Knowing Bros”. | JTBC

Though BLINKs know it’s all fun and games, they can’t stop wondering what “Secret” might sound like. With a mysterious title like that, it’s already a guaranteed bop, isn’t it?

Watch the full clip here: