Why BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Succeeded Over Other YG Entertainment Trainees, In Her Own Words

She had something they didn’t.

Out of the many celebrities in this world, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo could confidently say she is one of the most successful. Not only has she released several hit songs with the group, she has also become a highly sought-after model who represents luxury brands like Cartier and Dior!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

But did you know that she didn’t always dream of joining the entertainment industry?

The “How You Like That” singer opened up about her past in an interview with American magazine Rolling Stone. She explained that even until high school, she wasn’t sure about what she wanted to pursue. In fact, her friends from that time had expected her to have a simple and freeing job.

Honestly, I didn’t know I’d be doing something like this. My high school friends, who know me well, are still baffled that I’m doing this job, and doing it well. They thought I’d live simply, freely, doing whatever I want.

— Jisoo

As a child, she always questioned her future. She never knew what she wanted to do with her life, which is why she looked up to the people who did have a clear idea of their dreams.

I didn’t really dream of becoming a celebrity. I didn’t particularly have anything I wanted to do: What will I do in the future? Will I find something I want to do? Since I was a child, I admired people who had a clear dream, who delved into that one path. Will the day ever come when I also fall deeply for something?

— Jisoo

Jisoo went on to confess that she has the tendency to get bored quickly. Likening it to exercise when the body isn’t changing, she shared that she isn’t skilled at enduring periods of stagnation.

For me, the periods of falling for something tended to be quite short. I get bored easily. For example, when you exercise, there’s a period of stagnation when your body’s just not changing—and then if you endure that, your body changes for the better. I’m not very good at enduring these periods of stagnation. So I’ve always admired people who can overcome that, and go higher.

— Jisoo

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

But be that as it may, Jisoo has one strength that many others do not have—her refusal to give in. When other trainees were giving up halfway and returning back home, she refused to see the same ending.

She decided to endure the harsh training period, and her hard work ultimately landed her a spot in BLACKPINK!

I think I’ve been able to endure this journey, half due to this refusal to yield. I didn’t want to stop halfway. I’d see other kids [trainees] falling out in the competition and going home. And I refused to yield; I wanted to endure until the end.

— Jisoo

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Jisoo’s patience, strength, and diligence are just a few reasons why she succeeded over other trainees. Another possibility is her cheerful and fun personality, which can be attributed to the way her parents raised her.

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Source: Rolling Stone