BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Suzy, And Kim Yuna Are The “Holy Trinity” Of Visuals Ahead Of Dior’s Fall Fashion Show In Seoul

If these 3 meet IRL, their visuals would break the internet!

When it comes to Korean women with effortless beauty and grace, it seems like the list is endless, spanning from idols, actresses, and sports stars.

Three of those who have recently gained the attention of netizens are BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, who has always showcased her timeless visuals wherever she goes…

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Actress Suzy continues to shine with youthful looks that seem like something straight from a fairytale…

Suzy | @skuukzky/Instagram

And figure skater Kim Yuna. She is often referred to her as “Queen Yuna” or “God Yuna” because of her status as a gold medalist.

Kim Yuna | @yunakim/Instagram

What do all three of these women have in common? It’s the fact that they’re all extremely beautiful and are ambassadors for the global brand Dior! Over the years, all three have stunned netizens at events with their class, elegance, and grace.

People were even treated to a visual overload when Jisoo and Kim Yuna finally met at a recent Dior event…

Kim Yuna (left) and Jisoo (right) | @NEWSJISOO/Twitter

Well, it seems like the trio might finally meet at the upcoming Dior Fall 2022 show which is happening at Seoul’s Ewha Woman’s University on April 30 (KST).

The show will be Dior’s first-ever show in South Korea and is happening at Ewha Woman’s University as part of a larger partnership to provide students with mentoring and educational opportunities.


Ahead of the show, Dior posted videos of the three ambassadors speaking about their love for Korea. In particular, netizens couldn’t get over the visuals of them in the video, which seemed to embody the message and vibes of Dior: vintage, elegant, and classy.

In Jisoo’s video, the idol looks gorgeous in a little black dress as she explains just how important Seoul is to her, and that it feels like home because of the familiarity.

| Christian Dior/YouTube 

Her natural visuals were definitely on show, and it’s hard to deny that Jisoo looks like a goddess.

| Christian Dior/YouTube

Although it seems like Suzy has been in the Korean entertainment industry for years, her visuals and charisma seem fresh and youthful. Dressed in a black and yellow tartan number, the actress shares her own connection to Seoul and the impact on her career.

| Christian Dior/YouTube 

In the setting of a dressing room, Suzy looks effortlessly elegant and is able to showcase her personality amidst the beauty.

| Christian Dior/YouTube

The final video is of Kim Yuna, and the skater showcases a more casual look by combining elegant patterns but also comfy sneakers when returning to the Seoul Olympic Stadium, a place that has meant so much in her career.

As expected from a figure skater, Kim Yuna exudes class as she almost floats across the grass and makes her presence known.

| Christian Dior/YouTube 

If the visuals were undeniable when the three were in separate videos, the internet would no doubt explode if they all met at the event. Hopefully, they have time to interact with each other because it will definitely be a truly iconic event.

You can read more about the Dior ambassadors below.

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Source: Christian Dior - Yuna, Christain Dior - Suzy and Christian Dior - Jisoo