BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Serves “Miss Korea” Looks In New “Vogue” Photos

New solo photos have been released.

If BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo ever entered the Miss Korea pageant, she would probably win the crown!

On February 19, Vogue Korea and Jisoo shared new photos from BLACKPINK’s photoshoot. In them, Jisoo shows off her queenly beauty, poise, and makeup by Dior.

Jisoo’s gaze exudes confidence, so much confidence that it’s a little intimidating! It’s like she’s looking right into your soul…

In these photosJisoo wears her hair slicked back and her collar popped. It’s a rich, powerful look that radiates CEO energy.

K-Pop star today, business mogul tomorrow? Who knows what the future holds!

For now, only one thing is certain. Jisoo is, and will always be, iconic!

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