BLACKPINK Fans Seek Protection For Jisoo With #YG_ProtectJISOO

BLINKs are calling for Jisoo’s agency to take action.

BLINKs are banding together to protect BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo and calling for YG Entertainment to take action.

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More than 130,000 Twitter users have tweeted #YG_ProtectJISOO, raising the hashtag to the top five trending topics worldwide. #YG_ProtectJISOO calls attention to a serious and ongoing issue: malicious commenters.

Jisoo has become a target for BLACKPINK anti-fans on social media. The evidence, collected by BLINK, includes tweets and Instagram posts that insult the star and threaten her safety.

Some of these disturbing comments are explicit and sexual…

….and others threaten Jisoo’s life.

In response, BLINKs are calling out the netizens who wrote these posts, while asking BLACKPINK’s agency to do more to protect Jisoo from hate.