BLACKPINK Joins Forces With Other Icons And Urges People To “Come Together” To Save The Planet

They’re using their massive influence for good!

Shortly after being announced as UN Ambassadors for Sustainable Development Goals, BLACKPINK is joining forces with other leaders to raise awareness about climate change and create a better, healthier planet.

BLACKPINK | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

BLACKPINK appears in the trailer for YouTube’s upcoming original special, Dear Earth, which is described as “an epic global celebration of our planet and what we need to do to reverse climate change.”

| YouTube Originals/YouTube

The special brings together iconic performers, creators, and climate activists. In the short trailer, we see Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith, Barack Obama, and other icons and leaders.

Rosé speaks out about climate change in the trailer, too. She says, “Our generation must come together. We must work towards saving the earth.”

BLACKPINK is shown as a group later in the trailer, which hints at their performance during the Dear Earth special.

The special will air on October 23. BLINKs are already excited to see BLACKPINK perform, and they are proud that the members are using their influence for good.

See the full Dear Earth trailer below.