“BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky” Director Reveals There Could Be A Sequel Documentary

Buckle up, BLINKs!

Did you enjoy BLACKPINK‘s new Netflix documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky? If so, you could in luck. Buckle up, because the film’s director just divulged a sequel could be on its way.

While BLINKs enjoyed every moment of the 79-minute documentary, many fans said one part really stood out to them: the ending. Toward the film’s close, Jennie notes that everything they’ve seen is “just the beginning” for BLACKPINK.

And, that’s certainly true. Despite everything they’ve already achieved—from Billboard Hot 100 singles to a Coachella performance—the group is just four years old. Even if the members decide to part ways someday, their contracts won’t end until 2023. This gives BLACKPINK at least three more years to continue taking the world by storm.

So, it’s should come as no surprise that a second documentary could be on the cards. In a new interview, Light Up the Sky director Caroline Suh shared that she’d “love to see” herself making a sequel documentary.

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Judging by the sentiments she’s shared, Suh was impressed with and fascinated by the BLACKPINK members from day one. Despite her Korean-American heritage, the director actually didn’t know much about K-Pop—until her nephew schooled her in all things BLACKPINK. And, upon meeting them, she was instantly “charmed” by all four.

The members’ humility was one thing that seemed to really stand out to Suh. When she asked the members about their success, she shared they’d “humbly” say they’re “just in the middle of it“.

With that in mind, the director admitted she’d love to see how things change for them. Suh went on to say it would be “interesting to see what happens” next in their lives. Plus, there’s a chance Netflix would be interested in pursuing a sequel too.

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Caroline Suh said she was directly approached by Netflix to direct Light Up the Sky, as the company was developing “their first K-Pop project“. If this is the first, there’s sure to be more to come. And, judging by the viewership BLACKPINK’s documentary seems to be drawing in, why wouldn’t they want to continue the hype?

Source: Entertainment Tonight


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