K-Pop Costume Designers Select BLACKPINK As Idols Who Ace The Lingerie Look

“An idol who can pull off the lingerie look so well…”

If you thought underwear could only go under your regular clothes, think again. The “lingerie look”— clothing inspired by undergarments—has been gaining huge traction in South Korea over the last year. In a new “Comment Defenders” interview with AYO on YouTube, two experienced costume designers selected BLACKPINK as the idols who pull off the lingerie look perfectly.

Lingerie Han CEO Han Seon Mi has been designing lingerie-inspired costumes for the Korean entertainment industry since she worked on the 2016 movie The Handmaiden. Joined by junior designer Na Hyun Bin, she’s branched out to working with idols over the past five years—including Apink, Red Velvet, and aespa. So, who better to decide which idols ace the lingerie look?

| AYO 에이요/YouTube

One AYO commenter shared their own thoughts—”An idol who can pull off the lingerie look so well: BLACKPINK’s Jennie.” Unsurprisingly, the Lingerie Han team couldn’t disagree. Na Hyun Bin, a selfie confessed huge BLACKPINK fan, brought up a time when Jennie wore a net dress with a cone bra.

Jennie wore the outfit on SBS Gayo Daejeon red carpet in 2018. Both the mesh patchwork knit dress ($3,900 USD) and the leather corset top ($2,195 USD) were designed by Alexander McQueen. “I thought she pulled off the lingerie look so well,” says the junior designer.

In true BLINK fashion, Na Hyun Bin went on to name another BLACKPINK member’s lingerie styling: Rosé. A few days ago, the singer uploaded an Instagram photo where she wore a $695 USD Alexander Wang jersey t-shirt with a built-in bustier panel.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Between the casual top and her Adidas sneakers, Na Hyun Bin says Rosé “expressed natural style” in her lingerie look.

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Next up is Lisa‘s lingerie fashion. In one Instagram update last June, Lisa wore a destroyed tulle top from Maison Margiela ($640 USD) with a glittering diamante corset over the top. She paired the look with sheer lace cloves and Celine jewelry.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

According to Na Hyun Bin, Lisa brought a “trendy and stylish” feeling to her lingerie look, in line with her usual style.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While the Lingerie Han didn’t mention Jisoo‘s style, there’s no denying that she pulls off their unique fashion just as well as her fellow members. Just take this outfit she wore at BLACKPINK in Your Area in Macau back in 2019.

Wearing a corset over a graphic t-shirt with added tulle on the sides, Jisoo gives off a cool, edgy attitude in the lingerie look.

Han Seon Mi went on to reveal that BLACKPINK’s team once contacted her asking for costumes, but she sadly couldn’t accept the job because of situations she had going on at the time. Here’s hoping their schedules will align in the future.

Source: AYO 에이요 (YouTube)